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Simply because much simply because I actually like the portability and convenience of a laptop, when We bring it back real estate We want to be able pier it and take full advantage of my home office setup. To do this I added a versatile laptop computer stand to keep items tidy, utilized a few USB-C adapters to simplify the cable connections and drive my 4K screen, and added a USB change to action as a KVM to go between my desktop and laptop computer quickly with the same key pad and mouse. Hi I’m David and these are my must have notebook add-ons for a notebook docking station. At home I like to run both a desktop and notebook system based on what I’m working on. For gaming or video editing, I’ll want to opt for my even more powerful desktop pc but for work that I’ll need on the proceed or to bring into the workplace, I’ll instead use my laptop. Whether it’s my laptop computer or desktop, I need to become capable to consider complete advantage of my set up. The huge 4K screen and my dedicated key pad, and mouse. Sure you could simply unplug and replug everything into the additional device but that gets tiring really fast. So originally I went with these Logitech keyboards and rodents which have built in users to switch from one device to another, but I discover the latency with a Bluetooth mouse too sluggish for my taste, and actually prefer the comfort and ease and responsiveness of my older non-bluetooth G602 mouse instead. Also I didn’t desire to become limited if I changed back to a wired keyboard or mouse. So instead, I picked up this USB 3.0 switch. It has 4 contacts on the front for accessories want my key pad and mouse. And cables in the back to connect to my desktop and one to my laptop computer. Now with a single press these USB devices are routed to either the laptop or desktop, and switches immediately back with another click. Very much simpler than needing to replug my products every period. Next is using the display with both the desktop and laptop up. And most display and monitors will have multiple connections so switching the display between systems is usually straight forward. Sadly the 4K TV I’meters using right here only helps HDMI 2.0 for that complete 4K 60Hz ., something that this Dell XPS 15 is certainly lacking. Therefore I went with a USB-C to HDMI 2.0 adapter to solve this issue. It’s a pretty right forwards remedy, to obtain that full 4K 60Hz . knowledge from my laptop computer to the Television. The adapter also facilitates power delivery that can be driven with a distinct usb charger. But you’ll need to maintain in brain, this setup just works with up to 60W of power delivery back to the laptop. This is very much lower than the 130W of power the first power stone helps, therefore if fully loaded on the CPU and GPU, the battery may not charge or actually drain a small while connected in this way but during my regular use it more than enough for a sluggish recharge when docked. And finally a laptop stand. While this is not completely required. You know I’m a huge fan of reducing clutter on the desk with stuff like my monitor stands. And I feel the same way about a laptop computer stand. Suspended the laptop computer saves space on the desk, and allows you to position the notebook closer or out of the real way as necessary throughout the day. I’m using the Amazon Basic monitor arm here combined with their laptop computer bracket to keep this collectively. This robust design feel very secure and solid with my laptop. And the pneumatic limb make it really simple to reposition closer or out of the method based on what I’m doing. So that’s how I combine my notebook and desktop into a solitary workstation. And not feel want my workstation is compromised in any true way whether I choose one or the other. But that’s just how I prefer to run my computer set up at house. Hope you men liked this one. You understand what to perform. And I’ll find you in the next video.

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