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Dewalt DWST17510 TSTAK Portable Bluetooth Radio with Charger

  • Bluetooth connectivity for cordless streaming of music and audio content from your mobile device
  • Color flip screen and touch-sensitive buttons for exceptional user experience
  • IP54 rating for weather and dust resistance
  • Large compartment featuring single-hand operation to safely store your phone
  • Fast USB charging outlet and AUX port

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This TSTAK Portable Bluetooth Radio with Charger provides premium sound with a bass Bluetooth and resonator connectivity. It’s jobsite difficult, offering IP54 water and dust level of resistance. A easy telephone storage space area protects your device. A fast USB charging wall socket and Aux audio output provide added comfort. This unit operates on and fees 12V MAX, 20V Utmost, and 60V Utmost batteries, including FLEXVOLT. Collection it with all other TSTAK boxes in your system. This is usually the perfect upgrade to your jobsite storage space.. Bluetooth word mark is a signed up brand owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.. Clear audio with 4 full-range loudspeakers, 1 energetic subwoofer, and 1 helped bass resonator for loud, high-quality audio. Cordless operation and charger functionality works with and charges all DEWALT 12V MAX, 20V Maximum, and 60V MAX electric batteries, including FLEXVOLT. Stacks with any TSTAK module using part latches. Contains: 1 Lightweight Bluetooth Radio with Charger (DWST17510).

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